4.2. A Little More Line

I am happy to present my new book.


A little more line is a kite’s eye view of Wisconsin and Beyond. It is a new collection that continues to show Wisconsin in a fresh and magical way that only my kite can deliver. In addition, A little more line takes you beyond the state borders into Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan’s upper Pennisula.

My publishers at Itchy Cat Press called me a few weeks ago and said that they were retiring and wondered if I would be interested in acquiring the remaining supply that they had of this book. Of course I said yes. So now I have some boxes of books in my garage but I can sell them at wholesale prices. That is good news for you as it means I can pass that price on to you just in time for the holidays. The price is $15 per book and that includes free shipping within the USA.

How many copies would you like?

Here is what some are saying about A little more line.

“Among the many things that make Craig Wilson’s photographs special is how he takes you where you can’t go. In fact, he takes you where he can’t go. Wilson had what he calls a “lightbulb” moment many years ago when it dawned on him that his kite could support a camera. Ever since he has specialized in providing startling images from on high. In Wilson’s hands, the familiar is made fresh. He is a student of aerial photography and getting better all the time. This new book is sure to make new converts as well as delight the many longtime fans of his remarkable art.” 

Doug Moe, Wisconsin State Journal  



“Craig has a unique perspective (literally) that no other photographer has. His images give us an unparalleled view of places and situations that are otherwise commonplace and turns them into art.”

Tim Burton, Art Director- Madison Magazine


“The vantage comes his kite. The Transcendence comes from his heart.”

Tom Sweeney, Eye Level Framing

“Delighting all with his unique vantage point, Craig shows us the world in ways we rarely see-an airplane is too high and a rooftop too low. Printing his work is heavenly!”  Starprintz Fine Art Prints

 ”Photographers are always looking for a new angle. Madison-based Photographer Craig Wilson might have one of the most unique views of all.”   WPR Producer, Aubrey Ralph

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