4. Hanging by a Thread

September 2016. Sorry, Hanging by a Thread has sold out and is currently not available. I am working to see if UW Press will run another printing but I think it is unlikely.


It had a new cover photo when it was reprinted for the third time and looked like this

Hanging By a Thread:

A Kite’s View of Wisconsin

Photography by Craig Wilson

This full-color book of photographs records Wisconsin from an unusual viewpoint. The camera was suspended from a kite and controlled by the photographer, Craig Wilson, from the ground. From fifty to a few hundred feet in the air, we see festivals, zoom close over “Wisconsin” on the capital dome, get a seagull’s eye view of sailors, and hover over the crowd at a University of Wisconsin-Madison football game.

More than 140 gorgeous photographs offer a unique look at people and places around the state.

Captions are in English, Spanish, German, and Mandarin Chinese

Price is only $24.95   Free shipping to all United States addresses.

Hanging by a Thread had sold out its second printing. The good news is that University of Wisconsin Press has picked it up and has republished it. We have switched the cover photo but the insides are all the same.

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