3. Theater

A permit has been pulled but construction is just beginning on the theater. Please excuse the mess as I am still looking for the best way to put these videos up for you to see without taking too much bandwidth but keeping the image quality reasonable.

These Short films were made by lifting my digital camera with a kite. The sound that you hear was not mixed in post production but rather recorded by australia viagra the on-camera microphone at the same time the video was made. Please enjoy the video view from a kite.

This first Video was made at Green Lake Wisconsin above a group of “Nite” class iceboats.

This next video is above State Street and the Capitol in Madison I call it the Kite Ride.

OK, by now maybe you are asking yourself hmmm, How can a kite lift a camera? What does that process look like? Here is an interview and video piece that I did with an Indiana University student near Buckingham fountain in Chicago.

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